Zazella Carob Extract 480g
Zazella Carob Extract 480g

Zazella Carob Extract 480g

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Great antioxidant. Discover the miracle of carob and its endless benefits to health with Zazella quality.

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Carob extract, which has a very low calorie value, is very rich in calcium, and also provides great benefits against osteoporosis, flu, cough, shortness of breath, chest softening, expectorant, cold and especially smokers with its vitamin E content. Carob, also called goat horn, is also good for intestinal disorders, provides protection to the body in lung, liver and blood pressure diseases with the help of its potassium and sodium content.

Carob molasses, which plays a natural supportive role in heart diseases, clears the radiation that settles in the human body for various reasons and throws it out. It is also recommended by experts to regularly consume 1 tablespoon of carob molasses in the evening and morning, especially for people who are faced with the computer every day due to their work.

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