Wefood Organic Thyme 20 G.
Wefood Organic Thyme 20 G.

Wefood Organic Thyme 20g

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Secret of taste in meat and vegetable dishes and salads
Popular spice
Produced without using gmo seeds and pesticides

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Wefood Organic Thyme

Thyme, which is the secret of taste in meat and vegetable dishes and salads, adapts to almost every food it touches with its unique fresh taste. For this reason, it has an important place in both Turkish cuisine and different food cultures. This aromatic plant species, which can grow spontaneously in nature, is a popular spice and is frequently used in preventive and supportive treatments.

Turkey is among the luckiest geographies in this regard as it hosts more than 70 percent of the world's thyme production. However, specimens of the plant that grow by themselves or that are not produced under suitable conditions may contain various substances that may be harmful due to environmental conditions. Moreover, drying and packaging processes play a very important role in preserving naturalness and nutritional value. Wefood Organic Thyme, on the other hand, offers you a safe and delicious consumption opportunity in line with its quality priority and delicate production process.

What is Organic Thyme?

Organic thyme nomenclature; It is used for thyme, which is produced without using GMO seeds and pesticides, and certified organic agriculture. Organic thyme, which is produced with original seeds and completely natural conditions, stands out with its intense flavor and high active substance. With this aspect, it is the most preferred type both in kitchens and in various herbal cures.

How is Wefood Organic Thyme Made?

In the production of Wefood Organic Thyme, Anatolian first quality and organic certified thyme is used. Ripe thyme is hand-picked and then dried. drying, heat treatment, etc. It is made in natural and hygienic conditions without the application of accelerating interventions. In this way, it is ensured that the taste and nutritional value of the product are preserved. The entire production process, from field to packaging, is carried out in such a way that there is no contact or cross-contamination with gluten products. At the last stage, the products are not added any artificial additives; It is filled into durable, reliable and hygienic glass jars.

How Does Organic Thyme Contribute to Nutrition and Skin with its Benefits?

The benefits of thyme are mainly due to the essential oils it contains. These oils, which gain volatile properties at humidity and high temperatures, can be preserved at the maximum level according to the drying and preservation conditions of the plant. Organic thyme with complex components such as beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and minerals; It gives positive results in many areas from consumption for spice purposes, to aromatherapy applications, from oral care to hair and skin care.

Thyme contains plenty of vitamins A, B and C, which are known for their antioxidant properties. In this way, it makes numerous contributions to the normal functioning of cellular activities. Among these ingredients that make thyme effective are vitamins K and E, beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, and folic acid, a type of B vitamin. This aromatic plant also provides an efficient consumption in terms of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and selenium minerals.

What Does Organic Thyme Do?

It is used as a spice or seasoning in dishes.
It can be consumed as a nutritional supplement.
It can be preferred for oral care.
It can be used in various ways for skin, hair and nail care.

How to Use Organic Oregano? How Can It Be Included in Recipes?

You can add it to all of your meals, pastries, salads and savory snacks.
You can use it while marinating red meat, chicken and fish.
You can increase the flavor by adding it to sauces, appetizers and side dishes.
You can add it to yogurt and consume it as a snack or chips sauce.
You can make thyme juice by adding it to boiled and rested water; You can use it as a mouthwash, drinking water or skin tonic.
You can use it for skin, hair and nail care by adding it to olive oil and keeping it waiting.
You can add it to the rinsing water for hair and skin cleaning.

How Much Should Organic Thyme Be Used?

Although thyme is a very valuable plant in terms of its benefits, it can cause some effects in the body, as in all natural products, in case of excessive consumption. If you consume it directly as a spice for food purposes, you can limit the product to no more than two teaspoons per day. You should consume thyme juice, which you can prepare by adding one to two teaspoons to a glass of hot water, at most two glasses a day.

What are the Storage Conditions of Organic Thyme?

Since Wefood Organic Thyme is in dried form, it can preserve its freshness for a long time, like all spices. However, for this, the product must be kept away from moisture and high temperature. Wefood Organic Thyme, which is offered for sale in durable and hygienic glass jars, can preserve the feeling of freshness as it was on the first day when kept closed. All you have to do is store the product in a cool place away from direct heat and light.

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