Ünal Kuruyemiş Hazelnut Double Roasted 250 Gr
Ünal Kuruyemiş Hazelnut Double Roasted 250 Gr

Unal Kuruyemis Hazelnut Double Roasted 250g

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Unal Kuruyemis offers you always the most fresh and delicious nuts and dried fruits! Quality and the highest standards are guaranteed since 1956.

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Double roasted hazelnut

Unal Kuruyemis is one of the leaders of the nuts and dried fruits sector, serving with its nearly 60 branches in the capital Ankara, with its experience and knowledge since 1956. Unal Kuruyemis delivers highest quality products to customers. You will love Unal Kuruyemis products. If you already know its high standards, you may want to send a fresh memory for your loved ones from Ankara.

Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool and dry environment

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