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Shipping & Delivery



We provide fastest delivery options for every order. Currently there are two types of shipping: Express Delivery and Fast Delivery.


Express Delivery: 2-7 Day Worldwide Delivery.

Fast Delivery: 2-14 Day Worldwide Delivery.


Shipping options vary according to the item (cargo weight and supply time). Please check every item for the available shipping option.


Our average worldwide delivery time has been 2.8 business days (last updated March 4th, 2022).


What happens if my basket is mixed of Express and Fast Delivery items?


In case your basket is comprising items shipping types of which are different, we may ship your items in separate parcels. Your items eligible to express delivery will always be shipped express. Your items eligible to fast delivery may be sent either express or fast depending on the order and the cargo weight. In case your items ship in different parcels due to their different delivery types we will inform you.


How long does it take to ship the package?


We commit ourselves to ship your order as soon as possible when the purchase is realised. Most of the orders are shipped within 24-48 hours. Some products may be shipped within later depending on the supply of the product. Please refer to the Item Features section available for each product for further information specific to the product.


All orders ship from Turkey directly to your door. Depending on the location and supply of the items, once your order is shipped, average global delivery time varies from 2 to 7 days.


Baqqalia currently offers free* shipping worldwide for every order above US$150. Please refer to the end of this document for detailed regular shipping price list. For any order with package weight above 50kg please contact our customer service before finalizing the order. 


In case of unexpected delays, our support team will be at your service and we will do our best to solve the issue as soon as possible. For all types of requests contact us 24/7 at [email protected] or Whatsapp


Regular Shipping Prices


Detailed shipping price list (Orders over US$150 will be subject to free shipping campaign. Enjoy Free Global Shipping with 


0-2kg: US$19.90

2-3kg: US$24.90

3-4kg: US$29.90

4-5kg: US$34.90

5-6kg: US$39.90

6-7kg: US$44.90

7-8kg: US$49.90

8-9kg: US$54.90

9-10kg: US$59.90

10-12kg: US$64.90

12-14kg: US$69.90

14-17kg: US$79.90

17-20kg: US$99.90

20-25kg: US$119.90

25-30kg: US$139.90

30-40kg: US$149.90

40-50kg: US$169.90

Above 50kg: Please contact our customer service before finalizing any order. 


By placing your order at, you authorise Gourmet Aksesuar Dis Tic. Ltd to designate a carrier to clear the package and pay the taxes and import fees (if applicable) on your or your recipient’s behalf. All shipments are sent within Delivered at Place scheme. If needed, customs declarations will be made in the name of, and on your or your recipient’s behalf by the designated carrier. Please refer to Customs Duties and Taxes page for further information.

*Terms and conditions apply. Baqqalia reserves all rights to make unnoticed changes to its shipping, delivery and customs policies.