Servet Şekerleme Sugar-free cocoa halva 400 GR
Servet Şekerleme Sugar-free cocoa halva 400 GR

Servet Confectionary No Sugar Added Cocoa Halva 400g

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Cocoa halva with no added sugar. Boost your energy with ideal halva choice for breakfasts.

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Date Juice, Tahini, Soap Juice, Lemon Juice, Cocoa

Servet Confectionary (Şekerleme) started its journey in Fethiye in 1980 as a family company to produce and sell Turkish delight, nougat, roasted nuts, raw nuts, organic fruit bars, different fruit and herbal teas, Turkish black white tea and sweet snacks. Since its establishment, the company has adopted the principles of continuous improvement and unconditional customer satisfaction for better quality.

Servet Confectionary has achieved great success by reaching a production capacity of 1,400 tons of Turkish Delight with various flavors per year. In addition, by exporting to more than 20 countries abroad, it introduced Turkish Delight to the world and contributed to our country's economy.

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