Nestlé Classic Milky Square Chocolate , 2 pack
Nestlé Classic Milky Square Chocolate , 2 pack

Nestlé Classic Milky Square Chocolate 2X63g

Brand : Nestle
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The legendary love of milky square chocolate. Addictive taste for chocolate lovers.

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sugar, skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, milk fat, whey powder (dairy product) emulsifier (sunflower lestini), salt, natural flavoring vanilla. Cocoa dry matter is at least 29%. milk dry matter is at least 23%

Nestle, which has been serving in Turkey for over 100 years, demonstrates the quality of chocolate. It was Nestle who introduced pistachio chocolate to Turkey. Nestle is a well-established corporation founded in 1933 and shows its difference in the field of chocolate. Combining the irresistible Nestle chocolate with Pistachio, it has revealed the unique Palate flavor. This chocolate, which contains pistachio, continues to be the most special chocolate for many years. Known for its white package and green logo, Damak has been producing an excellent palate for many years without breaking its line. Chocolate with plenty of pistachio and plenty of milk, which does not contain preservatives and additives, has been a favorite of chocolate lovers for many years. The taste of pistachio chocolate, which you cannot get enough of, will remain on your palate.

Allergen Warning:

Contains milk product and pistachio. May contain hazelnut, almond and wheat

Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool and dry environment

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