Nestle 1927 White Chocolate Coated Coffee Wafer Latte 32g Pack of 3
Nestle 1927 White Chocolate Coated Coffee Wafer Latte 32g Pack of 3

Nestlé 1927 White Chocolate Coated Coffee Latte Wafer 3X32g

Brand : Nestle
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Crunchy chocolate wafer. Turkey's first edible latte from the Nestle family of 1927.

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White chocolate (41%) [sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder (5%), whey powder (dairy product), skimmed milk powder, vegetable oil (palm), emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, polyglycerol polyricinoleate), natural flavoring] , sugar, wheat flour, fully hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm), whole milk powder, whey powder (dairy product), reduced fat cocoa powder, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), sunflower oil, salt, leavening agent (sodium bicarbonate), flavorings , coffee biscuit (6%), sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oil (palm), soluble coffee (3%), gelling agent (guar gum), leavening agent (sodium bicarbonate), flavoring.

Representing Nestlé's mastery in chocolate, Nestlé 1927 brings chocolate lovers together with two masterful new flavors. “Turkey's First Edible Latte” is presented in wafer form with the perfect harmony of white chocolate, latte cream and coffee biscuit particles. Double Roasted Hazelnut Wafer consists of the unique combination of milk chocolate, hazelnut cream and double roasted hazelnuts. Establishing Turkey's first chocolate factory in 1927, Nestlé continues to expand the Nestlé 1927 family, which it offers to chocolate lovers in memory of the first chocolate it produced in Turkey. Nestlé 1927, the work of chocolate mastery that Nestlé has owned for more than 100 years, now offers two new flavors to chocolate lovers. Nestlé 1927 Latte consists of latte cream and a delicious white chocolate coating between crispy wafer sheets. As a final touch, coffee biscuit particles are added on the white chocolate coating, resulting in a unique wafer experience. The masterful touch of Nestlé 1927 Double Roasted Hazelnut Wafer, where crispy wafer leaves meet with full hazelnut cream and milk chocolate, comes with double-roasted hazelnut pieces on the chocolate coating. Emerging from the chocolate mastery approach of Nestlé 1927, these two innovative products differ with their taste enriched with the use of particles suitable for their content, and open the doors of a brand new experience to wafer lovers.

Allergen Warning:

May contain hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool and dry environment

Nutritional Value 100 g / ml

Saturated fat (g) 5.2

Energy (kJ) 713.0

Energy (kcal) 170.0

Carbs (g) 20.0

Fiber (g) 0.0

Protein (g) 1.8

Salt (g) 0.11

Fat (g) 9.2

Sugar (g) 16.0

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