Malatya Pazarı Anatolian Natural Apricot 220 Gr
Malatya Pazarı Anatolian Natural Apricot 220 Gr

Malatya Pazari Anatolian Natural Apricot 220g

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Malatya Pazari is the symbol of quality and tradition in nuts and dried fruits since 1877.

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Malatya Pazari Palanci – Quality Tradition in Nuts Since the 1870s when it started its activities, Malatya Pazari Palanci continues its tradition of delivering quality and healthy products to its customers, and today continues to grow by incorporating the most modern techniques into its production stages. Malatya Pazari Palanci, which has become one of the exemplary establishments of the food sector with its sensitivity to domestic production and producers on the basis of environment and human health, offers natural and healthy consumption to all its consumers with its quality that meets world standards. Malatya Pazari Palanci, which delivers its products to many points of Turkey in a short time thanks to its online catalog aiming to provide fast and reliable delivery with its wide transportation network, brings you the most delicious products! You can also discover the flavors you are passionate about by examining the online catalog consisting of a selection of exclusive products!

Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool and dry environment

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