Legurme Rice With Risoni 250gr
Legurme Rice With Risoni 250gr

Legurme Rice With Risoni 250g

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Prepare your rice with risoni in just 2 minutes! Free of additives and preservatives.

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Express. Supplied/shipped in 1-3 days once the order is placed.

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Net Quantity (g/ml):



Rice (%50), water, vegetable oil (sunflower seed oil, olive oil) (%6) orzo (%6), salt.

How to prepare?

Squeeze the package

Microwave heating: You may open the package 2-3 cm and heat it in a microwave for 2 minutes.

Heating in the pot: You may heat it in 3 minutes by pouring it into a pan.

By soaking in hot water: You may heat by soaking 5 minutes in hot water without open the packing.

Storage Conditions:

Do not consume if the package is swollen, leaking or damaged. You may store it at room temperature away from sunlight. It should be stored in the refrigerator after opening and consumed within 2 days.

3-layer BPA-free protective packaging

Origin: Turkey

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