Koska Carob Tahini Molasses 350g
Koska Carob Tahini Molasses 350g

Koska Carob Tahini Molasses 350g

Brand : Koska
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Great antioxidant. Discover the miracle of carob and its endless benefits to health. Perfect blend of carob and tahini. You can spread it over your bread every breakfast.

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60% carob molasses (made from carob), 40% tahini (made from sesame).

The flavour that emerges when tahini is mixed with molasses takes its place on the tables with Koska Tahini Molasses Mixture. 60% tahini and 40% molasses are ideal for this mixture.

Children will also love the combination of tahini and molasses in the right ratio. Tahini is produced from 100% sesame and Koska tahini products are completely natural. Does not contain additives. It is a food rich in fat. Contains 60% sesame oil. Koska produces tahini from 100% pure sesame in its own facilities, using the latest technology and in accordance with hygienic rules.

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