Kebir Trabzon Kolot Cheese 500 GR
Kebir Trabzon Kolot Cheese 500 GR

Kebir Trabzon Kolot Cheese 500g

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Get ready for delicious recipes with the local flavors of the Black Sea. This special Turkish cheese from Trabzon is brought to you buy Kebir, top quality cheese producer. Kolot cheese is natural.

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Kebir Kolot Cheese is produced by natural methods using full-fat cow's milk. The famous cheese of the city of Trabzon is used in the preparation of kuymak (mihlama), which is among the local flavors of the Black Sea Region and is not missing from breakfast tables.

Kebir Kolot Cheese can be preferred for many hot recipes as it is a fatty and easily melted cheese type. It can be consumed grated or sliced. It is a suitable cheese to be used in making toast, hot sandwiches, pide and pizza.


Pasteurized sheep's milk (45%), Goat milk (45%), Goat milk (40%), Cow's milk (15%), Cheese Yeast, Salt. Contains at least 545 milk fat in dry matter.

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