Hacı Bekir Mixed Turkish Delight 200 gr
Hacı Bekir Mixed Turkish Delight 200 gr

Haci Bekir Mixed Turkish Delight 200g

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Haci Bekir brings since 1777 the historic Turkish delight flavors that never change. Very fresh, mix of flavours! Best quality Turkish delight.

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Plain, Rose Flavored Turkish Delight with Hazelnut and Pistachio: Sugar, Corn Starch, Water, Acidity Regulator (Cream Tartar E 336)


You can’t get enough of the historic tastes of Haci Bekir Turkish delight (Lokum). Hacı Bekir Lokum is always prepared according to its historic formula. Lokum has first been introduced to the Ottoman cuisine and then to the world by Hacı Bekir Effendi, chief confectioner of the Ottoman palace. Hacı Bekir lokums are still prepared according to his special recipe, and manufactured and delicately packaged under specific conditions in production plants where tradition is combined with modern technologies.


What is Lokum?

“Lokum” means Turkish Delight and it is an indispensable part of Turkish festive treats and coffee ceremonies. It is also in Turks’ verbal culture for describing “perfection”. Turkish Delight holds a significant place in traditional Turkish dessert culture. You can establish a sweet bond with your loved ones with a box of Turkish Delight that you can buy from one of the historical sweet shops.


About Haci Bekir

The Haci Bekir Company today is the culmination of generations of experience in and knowledge of the world and art of confectionery. "The taste that has prevailed through centuries" is brand's motto that explains itself clearly. The company produces unchanged recipes of centuries with the latest technology and highest food safety standards.

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