Chocolate halva
Chocolate halva

Haci Bekir Halva with Cocoa 500g

Brand : Haci Bekir
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Hacı Bekir Cocoa Halva, enriching the traditional Hacı Bekir Tahini Halva taste with cocoa, will be another unique choice for those who love delicacies flavored with cocoa. Halva is an energy boost in the mornings. Haci Bekir brings historic flavours that never change since 1777.

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Tahini, Sugar, Emulsifier (E 471), Cocoa Powder (1.18%), Cocoa Extract (Radix saponariae Albae sive L.), Acidity Regulator (E 330), Natural Identical Flavor (Vaniline) (0.02%)

100% Beet sugar


Tahini made from local sesame seeds, ground in stone mills is combined with 100% beet sugar to make the famous Hacı Bekir halvas using traditional methods, offering the same historic taste. 


Allergen Warning

Contains Sesame

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