Fiskobirlik Hazelnut Butter 300 GR
Fiskobirlik Hazelnut Butter 300 GR

Fiskobirlik Hazelnut Butter Spread 300g

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It is a delicious and nutritious product obtained by roasting carefully selected hazelnuts, mixing them with sugar and nature-identical vanilla flavor and crushing them. Make your inner child happy with world's tastiest hazelnut butter spread. Enjoy the perfect blend of finest hazelnuts from Turkey's Black Sea region with real sugar.
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Hazelnut (70%), sugar (30%), flavoring (vanillin)

It contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals and energy, it is an indispensable flavor for children in developmental age, athletes, anyone who works in jobs that require intense effort and cares about their health.


It is prepared by processing the world's best quality hazelnuts in Fiskobirlik's integrated hazelnut processing facilities, using the most advanced technologies according to high taste.

Energy And Nutritional Values For 100Gr

Energy 579 Kcal / 2046 Kj

Oil 40.6G

Saturated Fat 3.6G

Protein 12.8G

Salt 0.05G

Sugar 35.4G

Carbohydrate 37.9G

Vitamin E 14.9Mg

Vitamin B1 0.2Mg

Phosphorus 197Mg

Iron 2.8mg

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