Dr.Oetker Aşure 222 Gr
Dr.Oetker Aşure 222 Gr

Dr. Oetker Noah’s Pudding (Asure) 222g

Brand : Dr. Oetker
Qash : 10
Price : $7.78

It is very easy to prepare this dessert, which takes days to prepare in the classical way and requires skill to match the ratio of the ingredients in it, with Dr. Oetker Ashure.

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Net Quantity (g/ml):

222 g


Sugar, dried fruits (apricot, grape, orange peel), wheat paste, starch, precooked pulses (beans, chickpeas), precooked rice, salt, cinnamon.

This traditional delicacy is for 4 people. You can also find the tricks of preparing ashura with molasses from the back of the package.

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