Doğuş Filiz Tea 500g
Doğuş Filiz Tea 500g

Dogus Seed Sprout (Filiz) Tea 500g

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The delicious aroma and soft flavor of Doğuş Filiz Tea comes from the unique, fertile lands of the Black Sea. Doğuş Tea is brought to your tables with care.

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Does Not Contain Allergen.

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Store in a cool and dry environment

Tea, which is a part of your dining tables at almost every meal, gains meaning with the unique scent and aroma of Doğuş Filiz Tea prepared for you. A small amount of Doğuş Filiz Tea is sufficient for the brewing process and offers you the taste you are looking for.

In order to preserve your tea for a long time and preserve its freshness as on the first day, always store it in heat and odor-proof jars. Because when the tea gets air, it will start to go stale immediately, in addition, excessive heat, sunlight and bad odors around cause the tea to go stale very quickly.

How to brew Turkish tea?

Doğuş Filiz Tea 500g should be brewed with fresh water in order not to jeopardize traditional flavors and fragrances. To obtain the right color and smell for every cup/glass of tea 1-2 teaspoons Doğuş Filiz Tea 500g should be added to the teapot. Brew for 15 minutes to get the real taste of Çaykur Tea. It must be consumed in half an hour.


-Boil water in two different pots – one small pot for tea brew, and a larger pot (or kettle) for additional boiled water

-In the smaller pot add the boiled water and add 1-2 teaspoon of tea into the pot for each glass you will serve

-Allow the mixture to brew for approximately 10-15 minutes

-Keep simmering the boiled water in the larger pot while the smaller pot is still at the top of the larger pot (or kettle).

-Fill each glass only 1/3 with the brewed tea mixture. The rest of the glass should be topped with additional boiled water. Proportions can be adjusted to suit your taste.

-A good Turkish tea will have a redish colour when served. We Turks call the right color the blood of the rabbit (Tavsan kani cay)!

-Add sugar to your liking.

Tea takes you to path towards a healthy life

Tea is a healthy drink. Tea, the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, is known as a relaxing, pleasing drink. It has also gained importance as a nutritional substance because it contains flavonoids, caffeine, many elements and major vitamins. Tea is high in flavonoids. These flavonoids are beneficial to health. Tea has greater antioxidant power. For most people, moderate caffeine consumption is harmless. Turkish tea contains adequate amount of caffeine. Many people find that caffeine boosts mental clarity and alertness in a pleasing way. People also obtain wonderful results if they add tea to their bath. First of all, the skin will become nicely tanned. This is then followed by tea’s rejuvenating effects.

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