City Farm Organic Tarhana 500 G
City Farm Organic Tarhana 500 G

City Farm Organic Tarhana 500g

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Traditional soup of every Anatolian household. Nutritious, healthy, organic.

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Organic whole wheat flour, organic chickpea flour, organic tomato paste, organic red pepper.

What is Tarhana Soup?

Tarhana is a traditional, spicy Turkish soup common throughout Anatolia. Tarhana powder is prepared by mixing yogurt, flour, and grated vegetables like red pepper, tomato, and onion into a thick paste that is left to ferment for several days. The paste is then divided up, dried, and crumbled to make tarhana powder.

Try City Farm organic tarhana. Turkey's traditional soup. Organic, highly nutritious, healthy and tasty.

Usage Suggestions

Place 1 soup spoon of tarhana in a pot. Add 1.5 glasses of water for 1 spoon of tarhana. Boil it on low fire for 15 minutes, stirring. Enjoy the miracle of tarhana.

Nutritional Value 100 g / ml

Saturated fat (g) 0.5
Energy (kJ) 1344.0
Energy (kcal) 320.0
Carbs (g) 69.3
Fiber (g) 6.2
Protein (g) 10.7
Salt (g) 0.8
Fat (g) 1.4
Sugar (g) 7.8

Allergen Warning:

Contains gluten-containing grain (wheat flour).

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool and dry environment

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