Cem Sliced Jar Green Olives 300 G
Cem Sliced Jar Green Olives 300 G

Cem Sliced Jar Green Olives 300g

Brand : Cem Zeytin
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Cem Sliced Jar Green Olives are made from olives collected from the Edremit region, where quality olives are grown.

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This precious food, which grows on the olive tree, which can grow up to 10 meters in height, with dense branches and a broad crown, first turns into flowers and then olives. The olive fruit is green at first, and turns bright black after ripening. Green olives are prepared by picking at the first ripening stage. Breakfast; It is very important as it is the first meal of the day and prepares us for a long day. Olives are indispensable for a healthy breakfast.

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