Famous with its name, why Turkish Delight is the sweetest thing you will taste?

Turkish Delight - Lokum - Famous with its name, why Turkish Delight is the sweetest thing you will taste?

We all must have heard the word “Turkish Delight” (lokum) somewhere in our lives. Movies, social media, ads. While it may sound and look like an exotic sweet to foreign eyes, it is a cultural delicacy that dates back till the Ottoman period. It’s still served alongside Turkish Coffee, during holidays and one of the best presents to bring along if you are visiting a friend or family.


It has a variety of flavors including rose, strawberry, orange, and nuts. Its shape and form can depend on the production, but it has to have an elasticity and be soft. While molasses and honey were used as sweeteners in confectionery production until the 16th century, when refined sugar became common, producers used this sugar in the production of Turkish Delight and confectionery by pounding it in a mortar and melting it.


Many types of Turkish delight can be produced by using different nuts and fruits, as well as fruit flavors and colorants. The Turkish delight production process starts with boiling the sucrose until it dissolves in water.

Citric acid and starch are dissolved in another container. This mixture is then mixed into sugar water and boiled for a while over low heat. After making sure that its ready, the liquid form of Turkish delight is placed in molds sprinkled with starch to be shaped.


After it has cooled, the Turkish delights are cut and covered with powdered sugar so that they do not stick to each other. Turkish delights, which are packaged after all these processes, take their places on the shelves to sweeten the mouth.


Some benefits that Turkish Delight provides are as follows:

  • Rich in carbohydrates, potassium and protein, Turkish delight is high in nutritional value.
  • Helps with liver and kidney disorders.
  • Boosts energy.
  • Makes you happy!


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March 15, 2022
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