The Most Loved "Turkish Snacks" of All-Time

The Most Loved


We bring to you some of the most populular Turkish Snacks. Most of these have been favorites for many decades. The good news is, you don’t need to crave for them. You can find all in, just a click away.



→ Ülker Cikolatalı Gofret: This chocolate wafer is all time favourite. It’s a great source of happiness with amazing crispy wafers, delicious cream and chocolate coating. One is never enough!


→ Cokonat: ‘Nat nat nat Cokonat’ other amazing wafer produced by Ulker. It has three layers of wafer coated milk chocolate with generous amount of hazelnut crumbs.


→ Halley: Ultimate harmony of marshmallow between two biscuits and covered with quality chocolate. So fluffy and just irresistible.


→ Ulker Tea Biscuits (Petit Beurre): Most wanted pantry item of Turkish household. Great with a cup of turkish tea, coffee or milk. . A top-quality snack with a mildly sweet flavor.


→ Cizi Cheese Crackers: Crispy, cheesy & salty… This classic go-anywhere cracker loved for years.


→ Cin Orange Jelly Biscuits: Eti Cin is a joyful product with its special orange pulp and cocoa granules on special mold biscuit.. Perfect combination of jelly and biscuit!


→ Puf Biscuits: Eti Pufs, marshmallow-coated biscuits covered deliciously flavored granules, are delightful biscuits which satisfy sweet thooth of all ages.


→ Tadım Sunflower Seeds: Inevitable turkish tradition, delight of any coversation; freshly roasted sunflower seeds…


→ Cokokrem Tube Cream: The childhood memories of today's adults and is still adored by children. Chocolate fits in a tube, made to travel until you’re ready to enjoy. Great for your mobile lifestyle.


→ Fish Crackers: Fish Shaped Crackers are made to cheer you up with its distinctive shape and taste! A lovely way to satisfy your hunger. Besides these, it’ll take you back to your childhood.



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May 10, 2022
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