Baqqalia Wants to Be Your Guest

Baqqalia Wants to Be Your Guest

To make Turkish coffee, add one cup of water for every two teaspoons of coffee grinds. Sugar is optional. Adjust for preferred sweetness.


Place your ibrik (or cezve) on a stove-top, on medium heat, for four to six minutes until foam rises to the top. Turkish coffee requires at least 1 cm of foam. Turkish coffee can be brewed for a longer period if desired.


To serve the Turkish coffee, it is always served with water. Guests drink water to cleanse their palate before tasting their coffee. Guests also use water to rinse coffee residue from their mouths after consumption.


Turkish coffee is served in Turkish coffee cups, which are often made of copper. A sweet treat such as a Turkish delight, a candy, or chocolate is often eaten after coffee consumption.


As for customs, it’s respectful to serve the eldest guest first.


Show your hospitality to your guests by serving them traditional Turkish coffee, which is now one click away at Baqqalia!

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June 06, 2022
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