Everybody Loves Baklava! Delicious Turkish Dessert with a long history

Baklava - Delicious Dessert of Turkish Cuisine

There is no doubt that Baklava is one of the most special flavors of Turkish cuisine. It has a long history that dates back from the Ottoman culinary culture, and many baklava flavors and options have been created until then. It is such a famous dessert that today there are many countries who claim baklava is theirs.


The dessert that is known to have the closest flavor to baklava is called baki pahlava which is made and produced in Azerbaijan. Similar tastes and dessert types that are prepared with different techniques can be found around the world due to the wide spread of the Ottoman Empire, and their effect on other cultures.


There are recordings which state that the baklava was prepared for the first time in the Topkapi Palace in 1473, and after it was found it was served to all guests during ceremonies or visits to sultan himself.


From these and other similar records, it is possible to see that although it was a taste known by almost everyone in the Ottoman Empire, baklava was a type of dessert consumed mostly by the high class living in palaces and mansions.


The fact that baklava has such a special and important place in Ottoman cuisine has paved the way for the development of baklava and its acceptance as a separate profession from cooking.


Currently Gaziantep, a city in Turkey, is considered famous with its many baklava options and flavors. It is a fact that the original Gaziantep baklava prepared today is much different from the baklava produced for the first time in history. However, the differences in the materials used in the production of baklava dough according to the regions have changed the taste of baklava regionally.




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March 11, 2022
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