Baqqalia Special Turkish Simit (Bagel) 4 pieces
Baqqalia Special Turkish Simit (Bagel) 4 pieces

Baqqalia Classic Turkish Simit (Bagel) 5 pieces

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Yummy, crispy and fresh Ankara Simidi (Bagel) is now very close to you!

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Fresh and delicious traditional Ankara style Turkish simit is at your door! The special dark color of Ankara simit comes from the hot molasses spread on its leavened dough before it is cooked. The mix of hot molasses and sesame, as well as its crispy consistency give a very distinctive taste to simit. Its appetizing smell will call you from meters away. It warms the cold mornings with its warmth. It is the best friend of buttermilk in summer and tea in winter in the mornings, between meals and even in other main meals when necessary.

Should I heat simit?

We ship freshly baked daily simit to our beloved customers. Before consuming, to regain its crispy texture, we recommend you to gently heat it in oven for 1-2 minutes at 150-170 C. You may also simmer it over a dry frying pan or a toaster. Don't microwave! Microwave heating will spoil the texture of the simit (It may feel soft and fluffy when it first comes out of the microwave, but when it cools, it will harden, and cause the simit to become chewy and hard).

Can I keep simit in freezer?

Yes. You may keep your Simit in freezer, which will help keep it as fresh as the first day. When frozen, before heating in oven, we recommend you to leave it at room temperature for 5-10 minutes to defreeze slowly.

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