Balparmak Thyme Honey 460 GR
Balparmak Thyme Honey 460 GR

Balparmak Thyme Honey 460g

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Thyme honey with unique soft aroma is produced by the leader of honey in Turkey. Favourite choice of breakfasts.

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Thyme Honey

It is the product of the Balparmak Monoflora Special Flavors series, compiled from honey obtained from the thyme flowers of the Taurus Mountains.

Balparmak Thyme Honey
With its unique smell and valuable components, thyme is indispensable for both taste and healing! In addition to adding flavor to every food it touches as a spice, this aromatic plant is among the favorite nectar sources of bees.
Honey bees, the most disciplined and selective creatures in the world in food production, meticulously collect thyme nectar, which has the highest nutritional value, and transforms it into a honey miracle. Well, haven't you met the unique taste of thyme honey yet? Natural and delicious thyme honeys of Anatolia are offered to you taste lovers in the Balparmak Monoflora Honeys series. Add Balparmak Thyme Honey to your cart right now to discover this unique taste as soon as possible!

What is Thyme Honey?
Thyme honey is a type of monoflora honey (single flower honey) obtained by bees mainly by collecting thyme nectar.

When Is Thyme Honey Collected?
The production and collection of thyme honey is done in the period from May, which is the flowering period of the plant, until the end of August.

What Does Balparmak Thyme Honey Contain?
Balparmak Thyme Honey consists of a selection of flower honeys obtained from thyme nectars. The natural structure of thyme honey contains carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phenolic substances. With the innovative Priospot technology on Balparmak product labels, you can now access the content information of your honey in all its details. Find out the naturalness and herbal origin of your product through the QR code or ID number on the packaging, and enjoy consuming honey with peace of mind!

What Does Thyme Honey Do?
In terms of the benefits of thyme honey, it can be consumed to help meet the daily nutritional needs of the body.

How to Use Thyme Honey?
In order to feel the unique taste of thyme honey intensely, you can choose to consume the product alone, or you can also consume it by adding it to your food and drinks.

How Much Thyme Honey Should Be Consumed?
The ideal daily consumption amount of thyme honey is 6 to 10 teaspoons (50-80 grams) per day, as in other flower honeys. In children, it is recommended to determine the daily consumption amount according to body weight (1 kg - 1 g). It should not be consumed by babies under the age of one and people allergic to bee products. Individuals with chronic diseases should consume under the supervision of a physician.

How Does Balparmak Thyme Honey Taste?
Balparmak Thyme Honey, which stands out with its golden color, has a bitter taste in which the aroma of thyme is intensely felt. It provides a pleasant consumption with its taste reminiscent of tropical fruits.

What is the Calorie Value of Balparmak Thyme Honey?
Balparmak Thyme Honey contains about 304 calories per 100 grams.

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