Balparmak Plateau Blossom Honey 225 GR
Balparmak Plateau Blossom Honey 225 GR

Balparmak Plateau Blossom Honey 225g

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Plateau blossom honey from the rich lands of Anatolia is produced by the leader of honey in Turkey.

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Balparmak Flower Honey; It offers the taste of Turkey's unique flora to your tables with its scents and colors. Balparmak flower honey; It is obtained from a meticulous blend of honey obtained by hard-working bees traveling among thousands of flowers mainly in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. Balparmak Plateau Blossom Honey's flavour comes from lush, pristine plateaus where wild meadow flowers bloom with tantalizing aromas. 225g Jar of Balparmak Plateau Blossom Honey!

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