Balparmak Lavender Honey 460 GR
Balparmak Lavender Honey 460 GR

Balparmak Lavender Honey 460g

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Lavender honey from the rich lands of Anatolia with rich components and numerous benefits. It is produced by the leader of honey in Turkey.

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Lavender honey

Balparmak Lavender Honey

Lavender is gaining more and more value around the world with its rich components and numerous benefits. This aromatic plant, which can be grown easily even in harsh climatic conditions, is enough to instantly refresh all the senses with its attractive essence. Thanks to this feature, it is one of the most favorite nectar sources of honey bees.
Produced from the precious essences of fresh lavender flowers, lavender honey brings the unique scent of purple flowers to the palate as a gourmet delicacy. If you haven't tried the intense flavored unique flavor of lavender honey, now is the time! Balparmak offers you a special selection of Anatolian quality and natural lavender honeys for this. Balparmak Lavender Honey, which is in the Monoflora Honeys category, is offered to you honey lovers with its unique taste.

What is Lavender Honey?
Lavender honey is a type of monoflora honey (single flower honey) obtained by bees mainly by collecting the nectar of lavender flowers.

When is Balparmak Lavender Honey Collected?
The collection of Balparmak Lavender Honey is carried out in May and June, when the lavender flowers are at their freshest.

What Does Balparmak Lavender Honey Contain?
Balparmak Lavender Honey; It contains nutritional components such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, phenolic substances and enzymes. How would you like to learn the contents of your honey with all the details yourself? Thanks to the innovative Priospot technology in Balparmak packages, you can now easily learn the herbal origin of your product and the analysis results. To do this, simply scan the QR code on the label or enter the ID number!

What are the benefits of Lavender Honey?
In terms of the benefits of lavender honey, which is a powerful food source, it can be consumed to help meet the daily nutritional needs of the body.

How to Use Lavender Honey?
You can choose to consume the product alone to feel the intense aroma of lavender honey. You can also use the product to sweeten your food and beverages or to enhance the flavor of pastries.

How Much Lavender Honey Should Be Consumed?
You can consume lavender honey alone, as with other flower honeys, in the range of 6 to 10 teaspoons (50-80 grams) per day. In children, the ideal daily consumption amount varies in direct proportion to body weight (1 kg - 1 g). It should not be consumed by babies under the age of one and people allergic to bee products. People with chronic diseases should consult their physician before consuming.

How Does Balparmak Lavender Honey Taste?
Having a golden yellow color close to amber, Balparmak Lavender Honey leaves a balanced taste on the palate with an intense floral scent. It has a harmonious and pleasant flavor with a medium sweetness level.

What is the Calorie Value of Balparmak Lavender Honey?
Balparmak Lavender Honey contains about 304 calories per 100 grams.

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