Balparmak Blossom (Flower) Honey From Yuksekova 460g
Balparmak Blossom (Flower) Honey From Yuksekova 460g

Balparmak Blossom (Flower) Honey From Yuksekova 460g

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Blossom honey from the high plateaus of Yuksekova, South East Anatloia, is produced by the leader of honey in Turkey.

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Filtered flower honey

Balparmak Blossom Honey from Yuksekova reaches your kitchen in a glass jar.

Hakkari Yüksekova is among the favorite regions of beekeepers with its warm climate and mountains with snowfall throughout the winter. The high altitude of the region is among the main factors that add value to the honey.

Yuksekova mountains are rich with floral diversity. Hakkari is also home to endemic species such as celandine, Sat Mountain damson, Hakkari vetch, Hakkari daisy, Hakkari pelemiri, Hakkari thistle and glowing vetch. The honey obtained from all these pleasantly aromatic plants cracks the palate with its flavor. You can order this product right now to experience the intense floral aroma of Balparmak Yuksekova Filtered Flower Honey that leaves a unique feeling on the palate!

What is Yuksekova Honey?

Yuksekova honey is a special honey that is produced only from the flowers of this region, through the hives established by beekeepers in the mountainous parts of Hakkari Yuksekova.

When is Yuksekova Honey Collected?

In Yüksekova, Hakkari, hives are established in the spring and beekeeping activities in the region continue until the end of summer.

What Does Balparmak Yuksekova Honey Contain?

During honey production, bees benefit not only from flower nectar, but also from naturally occurring enzymes in their physiology. In this way, honey turns into a unique source of taste and nutrition in the world. In addition, Yüksekova honey contains various vitamins, proteins and minerals. It also contains magnesium, iron, carbohydrates and fiber.

Balparmak analyzes the high quality honey it collects from all over Anatolia with at least 100 parameters in its laboratories in its RD center. The results of the analyzes can be viewed transparently on the priospot system. You can easily access all the analysis results of the Balparmak honey you consume by scanning the QR code on the package or by entering the ID number on this page.

What are the benefits of Yuksekova Honey?

Yuksekova strained flower honey offers a delicious alternative to meet the nutritional and energy elements that the body needs daily.

How is Yuksekova Honey Used?

Yuksekova honey has a special aroma depending on the flora of the place where it is grown. In order to feel this aroma intensely, you can choose to use the product alone. In addition, Yüksekova honey has an ideal and unique aroma to sweeten food and beverages.

How Much Should Yuksekova Honey Be Consumed?

Experts recommend taking body weight as a basis when determining the amount of honey consumption. In line with this calculation, 1 gram of honey can be consumed for every 1 kilogram. Although the scale in question is valid for both adults and children, children aged 0-1 should never consume honey. In addition, if you have any chronic diseases or risk of allergies, you should consult your doctor about honey consumption.

How Does Balparmak Yuksekova Honey Taste?

Yuksekova honey is a light colored honey with an intense floral scent. It is possible to feel the rich flora of Yüksekova with the unique floral aroma of this honey.

What is the Calorie Value of Balparmak Yuksekova Honey?

100 grams of Balparmak Yuksekova Filtered Flower Honey is worth 304 calories (kcal).

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