Balparmak Blossom (Flower) Honey From Semdinli 460g
Balparmak Blossom (Flower) Honey From Semdinli 460g

Balparmak Blossom (Flower) Honey From Semdinli 460g

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Blossom honey from the valleys of Semdinli, South East Anatloia, is produced by the leader of honey in Turkey.

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Filtered flower honey

Balparmak Blossom Honey from Semdinli reaches your kitchen in a glass jar.

Balparmak Semdinli Blossom (Flower) Honey

With its high nutritional value and unique taste, honey has been among the foods that people have loved for thousands of years. The use of honey, which has an important place in Turkish cuisine, goes back to Ottoman cuisine. It is known that especially Şemdinli honey is preferred to be in the head corners of the palace tables.

Şemdinli Valley, located on the southeastern border of Turkey, is one of the most suitable geographies for beekeeping in Turkey with its high altitude and its habitat, which also includes endemic species. Semdinli Valley; In its flora, there are flower species such as dandelion, yellow daisy, geven, white clover, clover, shepherd's thistle, clover, mint, thyme, sage, thistle, chervil, and spruce. Having a characteristic structure with these flowers, Şemdinli honey also makes a difference with the aroma of endemic species such as cornflower and wild almond. To experience this honey, which is the favorite of the palace cuisine, order Balparmak Flower Honey with Şemdin now!

What is Semdinli Honey?

Şemdinli honey is a local type of honey produced only from flowers in this region by bees wandering in the high plateaus of Hakkari's Şemdinli district.

When is Semdinli Honey Collected?

Hives for the production of Şemdinli honey are established by beekeepers in May-June. Honey milking is done in the summer months.

What Does Balparmak Semdinli Honey Contain?

Şemdinli honey contains various vitamins, minerals, natural sugar components, protein and fiber along with valuable enzymes provided by bees. All honey products procured from beekeepers are analyzed in Balparmak Analysis Laboratories and the results are published via the priospot system. You can access the analysis results of your honey by scanning the QR code on the product packaging or by entering the ID number in the search bar on this page.

What are the benfits of Semdinli Honey?

Semdinli flower honey offers a delicious alternative to meet the nutritional and energy elements that the body needs daily.

How to Use Semdinli Honey?

In order to better feel the unique aroma of Şemdinli honey, you can choose to consume the product alone. You can also use this honey to flavor your recipes.

How Much Should Semdinli Honey Be Consumed?

The ideal daily consumption amount of honey for adults and children should be calculated in direct proportion to body weight. According to this; It is recommended to consume 1 gram of honey for 1 kilogram. However, children aged 0-1 should never consume honey. In addition, if you have any chronic diseases or risk of allergies, you should consult your doctor about honey consumption.

How Does Balparmak Semdinli Honey Taste?

Şemdinli honey, which belongs to the group of light-colored honeys, has a flowing consistency and a pleasant smell. This honey, which is characterized by the aroma of the flowers in the region where it is produced, stands out with its fresh and lasting taste.

What is the Calorie Value of Balparmak Şemdinli Honey?

The calorie value of Şemdinli honey is 304 calories (kcal) per 100 grams.

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