Balparmak Blossom (Flower) Honey From Kayseri 460g
Balparmak Blossom (Flower) Honey From Kayseri 460g

Balparmak Blossom (Flower) Honey From Kayseri 460g

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Blossom honey from the rich lands of Anatolia is produced by the leader of honey in Turkey.

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Balparmak Kayseri Flower Honey

Anatolian lands, which are very rich in plant diversity, offer many suitable areas for bees to produce quality honey with this feature. At this point, besides the diversity in the flora, altitude also significantly affects the quality of honey. The higher a plant grows, the higher the humidity it contains. This is reflected in the moisture content of the honey, and the honey obtained from the plants in question is enriched in terms of flavor intensity.
Kayseri, with its high altitude plateaus and floral diversity filled with endemic plants, provides one of the most suitable environments for the production of honey with high nutritional value and delicious. Kayseri, which is shaped on the skirts of Erciyes Mountain, is home to 2,000 different types of flowering plants within its borders. Moreover, it is known that more than 300 of these plants are endemic species. This gives Kayseri Honey a unique taste. You can order Balparmak Kayseri Flower Honey right now to enjoy this delicious honey to the fullest and with peace of mind!

What is Kayseri Honey?

Kayseri honey is a kind of honey produced only by the bees wandering in Kayseri springs from the flowers here. Another feature that distinguishes the taste of this honey from other honeys is that the plateaus in Kayseri have a high altitude and therefore the plants have high humidity. Another important difference is the aroma provided by special plants such as Erciyes bell flower and Kayseri broad bean that only grow in this geography.

When is Kayseri Honey Collected?

Beekeepers start to set up their hives on the Kayseri highlands with the month of May. In summer, honey is milked.

What Does Balparmak Kayseri Honey Contain?

Kayseri honey contains various vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins, as well as certain minerals. To learn more about the content of Balparmak Kayseri Flower Honey, you can scan the QR code on the package or enter the ID number on this page.

What are the benefits of Kayseri Honey?

Kayseri flower honey offers a delicious alternative to meet the nutritional and energy elements that the body needs daily.

How is Kayseri Honey Used?

You can use Kayseri honey by adding it to your food or drinks. In order to feel the taste of this honey, which has a special aroma, you can prefer to consume the product alone.

How Much Kayseri Honey Should Be Consumed?

In order to determine the appropriate amount in daily honey consumption, it is recommended to calculate (1 kg - 1 g) in direct proportion to body weight. However, it should be noted that children aged 0-1 should never be given honey. In addition, those who have any chronic disease or risk of allergies should consult their physician about honey consumption.

How Does Honey Taste?

Kayseri honey is light in color and has a mild flavor. This honey, which stands out with its pleasant smell, has a floral aroma that can be felt intensely at first taste.

What is the Calorie Value of Balparmak Kayseri Honey?

The energy value of 100 grams of Balparmak Kayseri Flower Honey is 304 calories (kcal).

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