Altınkılıç Thrace Luxury Old Cheddar Kg
Altınkılıç Thrace Luxury Old Cheddar Kg

Altinkiliç Thrace Luxury Aged Kasseri (Kasar) Cheese 1kg

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No table can be left without amazing Turkish Kasar cheese. The most delicious source of high calcium and protein.

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Aged Cheddar Cheese is obtained from cow and sheep milk. Goat milk is also utilized in some regions in the production of local cheddar cheese. This cheese variety is rich in calcium and protein. If you do not consume sufficient protein in your daily life, you can add aged cheddar cheese to your meals.


Pasteurized sheep's milk (45%), Goat milk (45%), Goat milk (40%), Cow's milk (15%), Cheese Yeast, Salt. Contains at least 545 milk fat in dry matter.

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